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Black is the new black.  Black is the OLD black.  [vau voice]  Drop and give me 100! 

Okay, so yeah, some silver details on the bucket to make it look worn, the shiny shiny new paint job on the plates.  The center doobly hasn’t been repainted yet.  I want to keep it there as a reference point for now, then will repaint with model paint later.  YEAH.  On the right are the shoulder dooblys.  I’ll probably add two vertical stripes on the chest with the matte black.  Ya know.  To break up the BLACKNESS. 

vau, man…

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  1. rc-1262 said: ((*whispers* so prettty. I’m so jealoooous. I’m attempting my own but its already such shit and its just the patterns and VAU MAN))
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