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So today is here and this is the day I am dreading.  If you haven’t guessed, it’s a social event whose plans have gone horribly awry, and we are doing something I am morally opposed to / completely disinterested in / I find very offensive.  I’m going to skip said event, but I’m going to be subtle about it, which means i’ll be filled with  horrible anxiety up until then.  When I protested against this event, I was met with really bad backlash, hence yesterday feeling like there wasn’t a place on this planet for me.  And today I have really bad anxiety.  It’s starting already.  I’m shaking and feel like crying, but have to hide it from the world.

Oh man

see you guys later

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  1. nekonecro said: happens to me a looTT i have awful anxiety over shit like that Good luck!
  2. asskisser44 said: Killer rabbit said it right, I hope u will feel better when this event is over and people don’t fuck you up anymore.
  3. killer-rabbit-05 said: It sucks that whatever you had planned turned sour in some way, but opting out is better than forcing yourself to please others. I’m sorry to hear this is causing you so much anxiety. :( *hugs*
  4. cortnan said: Aw man :( that’s tough. Good luck, hon, you’re strong.
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