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I have cosplay thoughts, too!  Here they are.

So this year my friend and I want to do SEVEN DAYS O HALLOWEEEEEN!   This means 7 outfits, 7 parties / events… I can do it.

This is what I have so far, that I’m NOT going to revamp, as it stands right now, or the lowest priority to revamp:

1. Fallout cosplay
2. Bioshock splicer

Here’s the one that needs work:

3. Mando beskargam 

And here are the ones I have partials of, or need lots of work:

4. Zombie bridesmade (for a zombie wedding)
5. Steampunk (this I’ll use for a bachelorette party as well)

And here’s ones I haven’t started:

6. Ellie from Dead Space
7. I DONT KNOW!!!  I don’t have a last outfit idea! edit! I do know what I want to do for the last one.  Jedi.  I have everything, just need to throw it together.  Will use ammo belt and some armor from beskargam.

But yeah — working on these will be fun.  Priority I guess has to be Steampunk, since I’ll be using it next month.  I still need to find / make everything, pretty much.  I have the goggles, hat, bling and shirt ready, but nothing else.  Gonna attempt again spats, if it fails tho, save up and buy some boots. :/  

For mando, I once upon a time made back armor, but am not using it since I went for the burned bullet-hole riddled cape instead.  So I’m gonna re-smelt the back armor into gauntlets and thigh plates, which takes access to ye olde industrial kitchen (you boil it) and a lot of time and paint.  XD  But that’s the fun stuff!

Tell you what, I HATE sewing.  I’m a builder-type.  I’d rather saw, cut, weld, paint, etc any day than sew. 

Anywho, the others - can get a better dress for Bioshock no problemo, it’s really easy since I have splicer hooks and the mask.

Ellie will be a challenge.  This one may not be complete in time.  Building the RIG with a power source is going to be the main thing.  It’s the stuff I really enjoy, but I want to do it nicely, not a cheap rush job.  I hope I have enough time!  October looms!

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  1. salacia said: Can’t wait to see the awesome shit you come up with! O_O
  2. blackash said: Battery powered LEDs, I got some for a sculpt I’m doing they are super bright and not too much. Or you could make them yourself
  3. keyanadrake said: Wow, that sounds like some epic cosplay.
  4. cortnan said: WHAT IF YOU USED A GLOWSTICK FOR THE RIG just make a frame/bracket for it and stick a glowstick in there
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